Colour: RED & WHITE
Sex: Bitch
Date of Birth: 09/05/2000
Stud Book Number:
Owner: Mrs & Miss S & A Primmer
Breeder: Mrs & Miss S & A Primmer
Parents Grandparents Great-Grandparents Great-Great-Grandparents
Sh Ch Goldsprings Fanfare Goldsprings Nanook Sh Ch Bramblebank Coppersmith Pinymere Musicmaster
Bramblebank Cinderella
Benmorbry Ginger Quill Sh Ch Golden Boy of Tregwillym
Benmorbry Poacher's Pocket
Wainfelin Steffi Sh Ch Dalati Sioni Sh Ch Dalati Cais
Ch Dalati Fflur
Sh Ch Wainfelin Pur Eirion Tregwillym Royal Mint
Wainfelin Rhos Mair
Amanshe Moon Crest Sh Ch Cwrtafon Llion Sh Ch Russethill Royal Tan - Jw Sh Ch Dalati Sioni
Russethill Reverie
Sh Ch Cwrtafon Lowri Sh Ch Delkens Teemo of Talliswen
Cwrtafon Eleri Wyn
Julita Rubicelle of Amanshe Northey Wizard Ch Northey Whittington
Highclare Temptress of Northey
Julita Rainspeckle - Jw Ch Julita Jaunty Reveller
Wispa at Juleta

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