Puppy Information

On this page, you will find more information about Welsh Springer Spaniels, how we raise our pups, we don't breed several litters a year, we only breed occasionaly and we breed for type, temperament and health.

Our Puppies are raised in the home

Our puppies are raised in a family environment, in the family room surrounded with the sounds of family life, including our other family dogs. They will be used to the sounds of barking, the doorbell, radio, TV, washing machine, vacuum etc., they will have visitors from a very early age and they will be used to being handled and cuddled by people of all ages and genders. They will also have explored most of our house and the garden.

Due to our unique circumstances the puppies are accustomed to car travel and travelling crates before they leave and will be paper trained. However this isn't a guarantee that they won't slide backwards the first few days in their new home. The puppies are wormed 3 times while they are with us and they will be micro-chipped before they leave for their new homes.

Whats the difference between a Dog and a Bitch

A frequent question that we are asked is which has the better temperament a Male or a Female. In Welsh Springers there isn't that much of a difference between them. We keep bitches because we breed and it is what we are used too and that is the only reason. Both Males and Females have lovely temperaments with the Males slightly more outgoing and fun loving then the females. Also if you intend to spay your puppy there is little difference between the two. If spaying is something you intend to do then please read this article about the health issues associated with spaying too early.

About Welsh Springer Spaniel Puppies

Welsh Springer Spaniels are very much people dogs, they love to be with you at all times – So it is up to you to train him to be left alone for short periods, which can be lengthen as he gets used to it. Do this from day one, if you do not you will create a rod for your own back and have problems leaving him alone at a later stage – be warned.

I have found that distracting him with a toy like a kong when you are going out helps, this then becomes a treat and will hopefully keep him company whilst you are away and it may stop him from chewing your favourite shoe! Remember ONLY give it to him when he is to be left alone.

Welsh Springers love their family. They will generally attach themselves to one member in the family and follow that person everywhere. If you are asked to come for a puppy visit we will see how the puppies interact with you and find out more details about you. This is so that we can match the right puppy with the right family. Welsh Springers are not kennel dogs and really need to be with their families and live inside the home, hence the reason they are considered "velcro dogs" because they will stick to their owners just like Velcro, everywhere you go they will follow. Even the simple fact of leaving a puppy downstairs at night can be distressing to a Welsh Springer. If you intend only to allow your puppy access to just one room in your house i.e. the Kitchen then a Welsh Springer is NOT for you. Please take the time to visit a breeder and get to know a few Welshies before deciding whether this breed would make a good addition to your family.

Early socialisation of Welsh Springers as soon as they go to their new home is essential. Prior to the innoculations being complete, you can always take the puppy out whilst carrying him. Do not allow anyone to touch him. He will be able to see and hear all the nasty things that will possibly frighten him when he is on the ground and hear noises such as air brakes on lorries before he is near to them. It is very interesting (not only because the reactions you will get from observers) to crouch down to baby puppy level and look at the world through his eyes. Remember this is what he will be seeing and it is all new to him.


In order to find a local dog training club, ask local dog owners that you know for recommendations. It is an important part of the development of the puppy and will teach them how to behave in society and with other dogs. Do this from an early age and your pup will be eager to learn. Most training clubs offer the Kennel Club Good Citizens scheme; the Bronze system covers most of the basic’s that you will need through the puppy’s life, Silver is the next level which is more advanced and Gold is the advanced level and is achievable with a Welsh Springer if you both put a lot of hard work into the training. Six weeks training while still a puppy is small inconvenience considering the long term benefits that you can get back from this. I cannot recommend highly enough that you join a dog training club and learn the basics.


Welsh Springer Spaniel puppies are incredibly energetic and have an amazing ability to find water, dirt and mud, so be forewarned. They will get the floor wet...and the furniture...and you. Welsh Springers are high energy dogs and need to be exercised regularly. Puppies are very smart and learn quickly. However, this means that if they are not trained in a positive manner from day one and kept busy from the beginning they will find trouble to get into.

Do not over exercise your puppy to begin with, remember he is very little and tires easily. Ensure that he has plenty of quiet sleep, especially if you have young children, and make sure that they allow him to sleep regularly as this is essential for his development. Long walks should wait until he is almost up to adult size, around 5-6 months, and even then ensure that you do not overdo it. Allow your dog to tell you when he has had enough.

Health Testing

Both Mother and Father have sucessfully passed all the health tests recommended by the Kennel Club for Welsh Springer Spaniels. Please follow this link for more information from the Kennel Club Kennel Club Health Test Results

Before they leave all puppies will have a health check with our veterinarian to ensure they in the best possible health before they start their new adventures with their new families.

Diet & Nutrition

A full diet sheet will be given to you when you come to visit the puppies and this will list all the foods that they are currently being fed, we generally use James Wellbeloved puppy food, as this is easily available wherever you are located.


Ensure that toys are suitable and that they do not have any bits that can be eaten off. This is very important. Hard rubber toys are fine but any cuddly ones should be checked for loose eyes etc that may be swallowed. The toys which your puppy will probably most enjoy are empty plastic bottles (well washed and the tops on tight), cardboard boxes and old towels knotted in the middle. All cheap and all very good fun.


Groom your puppy regularly. a Welshie needs a little attention to keep him looking and feeling nice; a good brush with a bristle brush and a combing of the feathering is all that is needed to keep him sparkling. You will find that mud falls out of the coats when it dries and a quick brush leaves the coat white again. A small amount of trimming will keep him neat (leaflet supplied), you can also go to the South Eastern Welsh Springer Spaniel Club website to find details there under Breed Standard> Trimming.

* Before You Get Your Puppy

* By Dr. Ian Dunbar

* Free E-Book Download

* After You Get Your Puppy

* By Dr. Ian Dunbar

* Free E-Book Download


Do not allow children to tease or over excite the puppy, puppies have very sharp teeth and can hurt unintentionally and this can spoil a relationship between child and dog if not handled from an early stage. Your puppy means no harm, he just wants to play and has not got hands, so he uses his teeth! He may growl when playing with you, do not worry, this is quite normal as he has up to now only played with his sisters and brothers and they mostly play at ‘fighting’ to sort out the leader of the group. However – you need to make it clear to your puppy that you are now the leader, so a gentle ‘NO’ is required, followed up with a sharper reprimand if required, do not allow him to get the upper hand when little or you will have a major problem when he grows up. Welshies do not however need harsh handling it is preferable to divert his attention to something else when he does wrong and praise him when he does the right thing.

See the link I am your Puppy.


All of our puppies will be sold on contracts. Our contracts will require that you:

* keep the dog in healthy, sanitary conditions with all necessary vet care

* allow the puppy to live inside your home

* return the dog to us should you ever need to rehome it for any reason whatsoever.

* All Puppies are registered with 2 endorsements; one is to restrict any progeny that they may have from being registered with the Kennel Club and the second a ban on an Export Pedigree. The first endorsement can be removed once all the necessary health checks have been completed, as laid out in the contract.

Our Placement Process

If you want to get on our waiting list for a puppy:

1. Thoroughly read all of the information on our website.

2. If you have questions, please email Puppyenquiries@amanshe.co.uk

3. Please fill out our Puppy Questionaire PDF Version / Puppy Questionaire - Word Version

4. If you would like to discuss the breed or meet our dogs, contact us at Puppyenqueries@amanshe.co.uk . We welcome visitors by appointment and are always willing to answer questions about Welsh Springer's.

5. When plans are finalized for an upcoming litter, we will want to discuss the litter with you. We will email you to find out if you are still interested in a puppy.

6. It isn't always possible that the puppy you pick is the puppy that would best fit into your family, we know our puppies as we have been watching and playing with them everyday since they were born and know their temperaments better than anyone who visits them only once or twice before they go home.

7. Puppies will be registered with the Kennel Club

8. Microchip forms will also be filled out and and ready when you collect your puppy.

9. Puppies are ready to go to their new homes at 8 weeks of age.

Important Notes about Puppy Placement

* We reserve the right to decide who receives a puppy or to change our mind at any time before the puppies go home. Finding the right home for each puppy is the most important factor for us.

* I do not mind if you are on another breeder's waiting list too, but please let us know, so we can remove you from our waiting list. This will prevent us from calling or emailing you unnecessarily when a puppy becomes available.

Before You Pick Up Your Puppy

Contact your Vet as soon as possible for instructions about innoculations. Practices vary, but usually your puppy can have the first injections at 8-9 weeks and again at 12 weeks after which you may take him out for short walks.

Supplies You Will Need before Bringing Your Puppy Home;

* Food you plan to feed your puppy

* Food and water dishes: we prefer the stainless steel food bowls and large flat ceramic bowls that can't easily be picked up or knocked over for water.

* Dog bed

* A collar and leash

* Nametag

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